Austin AK66 Koll: gtrs/bass/drums/vox.

After years of involvement in various musical endeavors and finally casting aside the rules and boundaries of playing music within a specific genre, as part of a collective, or for a particular goal in mind, GYAOS:DIABOLICAL is simply an independent expression of music. Songs are not written with a specific goal or initiative or style in mind. It is music for the sake of music taking inspiration from what sounds good in the moment; by what is spinning on the turntable, and whatever is swirling around in the ether. Raw and real.

Staring down the path ahead, a single fraying braid that holds the night. Shall I walk down to Black North Road…

After spending many years playing, recording, and touring as a drummer in several different bands to varying degrees of success, Austin Koll went into the studio in 2019 with a small clutch of songs in hand. Looking to shed the dependencies interlaced with working within a collective, it was an exploratory proof of concept endeavor: would he be able to produce music to his liking without the need to engage with other musicians. The resulting tracks proved incentive enough to continue the pursuit of self-contained artistic expression. Adopting the moniker 'GYAOS:DIABOLICAL' to represent this rising phoenix and musical rebirth, Austin continues on, pursuing this 'crime of passion': the realization of unconstrained expression.

Drawing inspiration from pioneering crossover thrash bands such as Cryptic Slaughter and The Crumbsuckers, as well as newer bands such as Iron Reagan and Dead Cross, GYAOS:DIABOLICAL is heavily steeped in the fundamental elements of thrxsh: aggression, driving rhythms, and outrage. Blending in elements from the tumultuous chaos turbines of digital hardcore bands such as Atari Teenage Riot and EC8OR, along with the raw, analog atmospheric aesthetics of crusty black metal, GYAOS:DIABOLICAL is a reflection of Austin's mood and perspectives. Taking inspiration not from a singular source, but rather from converging vectors of influence from music, media, literature, and the environment itself. Songs are the result of what is spinning on the turntable and whatever is swirling around in the ether. Themes of self-expression, individualism, and profanation are omni present.

With the initial recording providing the catalyst, GYAOS:DIABOLICAL completed recording an additional set of songs which combined and became the debut full length 'Let the Vultures Speak'. 'Let the Vultures Speak' was independently released in May 2021. Containing 8 songs, it established the blue print for GYAOS:DIABOLICAL:

"Let's stay in blazing (but dynamic) thrash mode with this next dose of gut-punching, skull-cracking, adrenaline-fueled crossover, courtesy of GYAOS:DIABOLICAL. You get this into your system, it's hard to get it out. (There are seven more tracks on the album this one comes from, which is entitled Let the Vultures Speak, and I'm looking forward to letting this run hard right through my skull.)" –

Over the next year Austin crafted a new set of songs for the follow-up. Entering the studio in March of 2022, and once again working with legendary NYHC producer Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Sick of it All), the resultant album 'In Accordance with the Prophecy' was crafted. 'In Accordance with the Prophecy' will be released on January 13th, 2023. The album continues the musical growth and furthers the aspirations of weaponized audio dissonance of GYAOS:DIABOLICAL.

Truths of unfolding fear harkens, bearing sight of paths resolved.
Follow me down to Black North Road.


“Life often throws up the unexpected these day and none more so than mysterious US thrash/digital hardcore band Gyaos:Diabolical. It’s a show of dissent against religion, society and the government that’s meant to shock, and displease . . as the hate that streams out of the record is indeed relentless, even if in this case it’s laced with upbeat punk bass lines.... hammering home their incendiary thrash once more. There’s most definitely a place in today’s extreme metal landscape for Gyaos:Diabolical. Heavy, fast and with a serious message underneath all the rage. Sometimes you just need something straightforward and hellbent on aural destruction.”

This Noise Is Ours (Feb 10, 2023)

“Austin Koll is a supreme talent on the drum stool and with a plectrum and guitar in his hands. Listen to the darker grind of ‘Null Pointer Exception’ with its doom metal slowdown at the half-way point. You can detect the sinister thrash of Slayer here, just as you can hear the LA legends on the contentious, ‘Beware! American Taliban!’. ... Koll’s vocal abrasions are like that of a person forced to eat raw jellyfish as a punishment. Commercial radio will not be calling any time soon. The most interesting experiment here is the cross pollination of crossover-thrash with a black metal aesthetic. Sometimes, the Gyaos:Diabolical approach feels like a punk band covering Gorgoroth or Darkthrone, especially on standout track, ‘Against All Gods’. On this one, a trepid black metal rhythm circles around the staccato guitars and drumbeats like a wasp . It’s the composition par excellence in Koll’s repertoire, but by no means the only one...”

JVB, Scream Blast Repeat (Jan 27, 2023)

“In Accordance With The Prophecy opens with a cover of Destroy 2000 Of Culture by legendary German electronic rabble-rousing legends ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and while it is a bold choice to open up an album with a cover song, this choice seems to sit well with the concept of the album...After this blistering opening salvo sets the tone, the album transforms into more crossover thrash fare with songs like Null Pointer Exception et al. adding groove to proceedings at times, all the while demonstrating an energetic vibe throughout with the black metal elements coming out as well especially in the vocal department. The energy of the songs is the main thing that comes out as the whole thing flies by in a powerful manner, leaving behind a blistering wave of devastation in its path while making you think about the state of the world in turn. The album concludes in brutal fashion with the very aptly titled Relentless Hatestream and the atmospheric and epic Katahdin Is Risen.”

Gavin Brown, Distorted Sound Magazine

“Gyaos:Diabolical 'In Accordance With the Prophecy' - a no nonsense slaying with thrash and black metal, combined in such a way that feels raw and a tad on the Ministry industrial train line. There's something excellently unique about this one you shouldn't miss out on.”

Spark Bean

“In Accordance With The Prophecy, the second album from one-man blackened thrash group Gyaos:Diabolical, opens with an intensified cover of Atari Teenage Riot’s “Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture.” It takes the digitized mannerisms of the original and jumps up the speed, which is something musician Austin Koll likes to do with this band. The group’s first album, 2021’s Let The Vultures Speak, had some of this, though it was buried underneath overwrought songs that needed some editing. That isn’t an issue with In Accordance With The Prophecy, as only “Katahdin Is Risen” drags out. Most of the album is compact crossover thrash with blast beats, almost regularly on the edge of falling apart. It never does that, but the simple fact that it sounds that way gives these songs a dangerous streak. Rating: 3.5/5”

Dan Marsicano

“Back in 1996 Atari Teenage Riot were making their name, (who can forget “No Remorse (I Wanna Die)” for which they partnered with Slayer?) and here “Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture” gets a makeover, the digital white noise and drum machine of the original replaced by crunchy guitars and real drumming as Koll demands his pound of flesh. In a style reminiscent of early Soulfly the cut is fast and loose with the vocals savage to the point of being feral, it’s a style choice that appeals even if it feels as a cut a chorus over long. Breaking the usual trend for a guitarist with a drum machine for a solo project of this style, Koll is a multi instrumentalist in the truest sense of the word, battering seven shades of s*** out of the kit during “Fight Or Die” while giving the lister plenty of flavoursome riffs. Curiously enough there is an Industrial feel to the sound Knoll has chosen, perhaps due to the style of vocal and reliance on rhythm alone to get his message across ...”

DJ Vapour, MetalNoise (Jan 05, 2023)

“GYAOS: DIABOLICAL is back! This American Blackened Crossover Thrash act is back with his second full-length release, "In Accordance With The Prophecy ", set to release on the January 13th, 2023. "In Accordance With The Prophecy" harkens back to the beginnings of crossover thrash consisting of an audio clip (pushed in the background), fast-galloping/charging thrash beats, cutting barb-wire riffage and snarling vocals...full of life and full of energy from the moment of pressing that play button with its outrage of aggression, driving rhythms, and fast-galloping/charging thrash beats. At the same time, "In Accordance With The Prophecy" presents a slice of relentless anger which bleeds through the album, which also consists of drawing together extremes of thrash with elements of black metal and short hardcore punk duration tracks.”

Kris Marsden, Metal Temple (Dec 14, 2022)

“Last year I tried to help spread the word about this New Hampshire crossover-thrash band’s debut album Let the Vultures Speak. Now there’s a second one on the way, named In Accordance with the Prophecy. The album’s first single, “Destroy 2000 Years of Culture“ ...turns out to be a cover of a 1996 song by the digital hardcore outfit Atari Teenage Riot. After grotesquely distorted voices utter opening words, the song begins to batter and bounce, to gallop and jolt. It lights a torch under the listener’s pulse while inflicting a brutal, heavy-grooved beating, and the cacophony of screamed and snarled vocals are utterly unhinged in their fury. The song sometimes sounds like a racing riot in progress, but it’s also a bleak experience, as if to say that sometimes revenge really is a dish best served cold.”

Islander, No Clean Singing (Nov 19, 2022)

“Exuding a ferocious intensity, GYAOS:DIABOLICAL's fierce new album In Accordance With The Prophecy will release on January 13th, 2023. Drawing together extremes of thrash with elements of black metal, the album contains a ruthless portrayal of the trials and tribulations emerging from social unrest born from systematic inequality. Kicking off with "DESTROY 2000 YEARS OF CULTURE", a cover of the 1996 release by ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, GYAOS:DIABOLICAL unleashes a storm of speed, heavy rhythms and demonic harsh vocals.”

Toxic Metal Zine (Oct 31, 2022)

“Let’s stay in blazing (but dynamic) thrash mode with this next dose of gut-punching, skull-cracking, adrenaline-fueled crossover, courtesy of GYAOS:DIABOLICAL. You get this into your system, it’s hard to get it out. (There are seven more tracks on the album this one comes from, which is entitled Let the Vultures Speak, and I’m looking forward to letting this run hard right through my skull.)”


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